We offer complete self-awareness on an emotional level, as well as answers on any subject, both through group workshops and individual sessions.

Types of services


Our one-to-one sessions are conducted in our offices or via Skype or email. Each client can address a certain issue or can have a general, but in depth, analysis of their natal chart.

Our one-to-one sessions last 60’ and their rate is 150€.
In particular, because the first session is a double session (analysis of the emotional scenario + prediction) its rate is at 300€.

Clients during the sessions have the opportunity to explore any subject they wish and ask as many questions as they need in order to get the answers they are looking for.


The individual sessions can be conducted in three ways:

  1. Live in our offices.
  2. Via Skype.
  3. By email, where the analysis of the client’s astrological map and the answers to their questions will be in writing.

In all cases the sessions will take place in the native language of the client with the aid of a translator, who will be present at the session.
This ensures that the sessions have a deeper impact and resonate more with the client.

In cases 1 & 2, clients can record the sessions in any way they wish.


In our workshops, participants have the opportunity to experience first hand the method of the Astral Psychogram. Moreover, they can get answers to specific issues that concern them, but also find out what their Life Purpose is.

The workshops take place only on Saturdays or Sundays and last for 8 hours.
The cost of participation is 100€ and the maximum number of participants is 12.
Recording of the workshops in any form is strictly forbidden.

In our workshops, all participants will have the opportunity to experience first hand the method of the Astral Psychogram and find out exactly what their emotional pattern is. Moreover, they will get answers to one specific issue that concerns them and finally they will participate in a deep experiential exercise that will consolidate their self-awareness.

All workshops with an international group of participants will be conducted in English.


In addition to workshops and individual sessions we also offer a range of training seminars of varying degrees for both astrologers, psychologists and psychotherapists.

*There are no seminars for this quarter*

Our seminars are addressed to both Psychologists / Psychotherapists and Astrologers
and consist of 6 course cycles, each of which lasts for 8 hours (48 hours of teaching in total).

Each seminar will take place on six consecutive Sundays (6 cycles) and the cost of participation is 1500 € per participant.
Participants have the option of paying for each course individually (6×250 €) and can stop attending the seminar after any cycle.

At the beginning of each seminar participants learn the theoretical background required (psychotherapeutic and astrological), in order for them to understand the method of the Astral Psychogram.

Afterwards, they will see the method in action through the live analysis of specific astrological charts
and will have the chance to analyze all areas of their emotional pattern and natal chart based on the theory of the Astral Psychogram.

After successfully attending all cycles of the seminar, participants will be able to understand and apply the Astral Psychogram technique to their clients/analysands.


  • The seminar is attended only by the participants and there is no audience.
  • Participants do not need to be certified psychologists, psychotherapists, or astrologers.
  • The minimum number of participants is 20 and the maximum is 30.
  • The seminars are in the native language of both the participants and the instructor.
  • After successfully completing all six cycles, participants receive an official certificate.
  • The seminar is forbidden to be filmed or recorded in any way because it prohibits participants from dwelling on more personal stories/experiences.
  • All participants are prohibited from disclosing outside of the seminar the personal data and information learned during the seminar of any of the other participants.
  • All seminars with an international group of participants will be conducted in English.