Self-awareness through the scientific synthesis of Psychotherapy & Astrology.

What is the Astral Psychogram?

The Astral Psychogram is a psychotherapeutic method which combines the sciences of Psychotherapy and Astrology with the aim of providing self-awareness in a deep emotional level.

Consciousness – Prediction – Action

Scientific background

The science of Psychotherapy has various theories on the creation of the human Psychic Structure.

Two standard ones are:
a) the interactive emotional relationship with the parents and
b) the introjection of object relations.

The first one says that the human Psychic Structure is created by the interactive emotional relationship that an individual (embryo – newborn – infant) has with the people (objects) that surround them (parents) from the moment they come into their mother’s womb (conception) up until the third year of their life (with minor additional influences up to the age of six). The dominant object for the subinterval between an individual’s conception up until the first nine months of their aerobic life is the mother, because the father during that period acts in a subsidiary way, by supporting the mother so that she can properly care for her child.

The second theory about the creation of the human Psychic Structure says that an individual introjects (integrates – appropriates – annexes) their parents’ psyche, the sum of which (father’s and mother’s psyche) forms their own psyche.

Both theories conclude that the result is the creation of an emotional/psychic pattern which the person repeats (relives) throughout their life by responding each time to different external stimuli. 

The science of Astrology, through the birth chart, can offer information on the two aforementioned subjects (Psychic Structure of parents and conditions which the individual experienced from pregnancy up to the age of six) so that it becomes possible to draw safe conclusions about an individual’s emotional pattern.

At a predictive level and through the theory of Energy Flows, Astrology traces trends of events or of psychic charges which an individual will experience at some future point in their life. 

By combining an individual’s Energy flows with their emotional pattern (which as we mentioned before they are bound to repeat again and again) we can detect between the trends a precise picture of an event which the individual will experience, so that their emotional pattern is actually repeated and thus we can give an accurate prediction on any matter.

Example of the Astral Psychogram in a client’s business related matter.

Client’s alias: Philip

Philip’s natal chart and the transits at the time of his session.


Question: I received a business proposal about opening a store with pharmaceutical cosmetics from Greece, at Abu Dhabi Mall and I have to give my reply by the end of the year (2019).

The amount that I will have to invest is quite substantial, that’s why I would like to know if the investment will be to my advantage.


The first step is to compose Philip’s emotional pattern through our astrological data. That is, we will look in his map for the characteristics of his mom and dad. More specifically, the concept of care, deriving from his mother and that of support, coming from his father.


Care, viewed from a psychotherapeutic point of view, is an archetypal maternal function. <<Philip has been rejected as an embryo, meaning that his mother didn’t want to get pregnant>>.

Astrological validation of claim

The Moon / Saturn conjunction in his Chart indicates the presence of emotions of restraint, rejection, disappointment and a general atrophy at expressing his emotions (this is the psychotherapeutic proof of an endometrial trauma) and the Moon / MC conjunction (Mother’s Hierarchical Imprint) reveals that these emotions have a strong dynamic in Philip.

The Moon / MC conjunction in Philip’s Chart enhances the emotional presence of his mother (psychotherapeutically his mother is rejective and astrologically this is due to the Moon / Saturn aspect).

The Moon / MC conjunction is an important aspect in Philip’s emotional pattern and shows us a deep instinctive bond (psychotherapeutically it is a bond of life or death), which may unconsciously drive him to feel the life of his mother as his own (psychotherapeutically this means that if the uterus/mom dies, I’ll die too).

 Philip’s MC is in Taurus (Venus rulership). The Venus / MC conjunction suggests that his mother’s experiences are probably experienced intensely by him as well (psychotherapeutically this is yet another confirmation of Philip’s strong emotional charge). His mother seems to be present in his psychic structure and at the roots of Philip’s life and this possibly suggests that patience, the claiming of personal values and the creation of beliefs in order to achieve a sufficient sense of material and emotional security are some of the paramount imprints his mother has left in his emotional pattern (MC in Taurus) (psychotherapeutically this shows the period of patience, of uncertainty (fear of death) and of struggling for a sense of security until his mother decided to keep him by completing the pregnancy).

Moon in Aries suggests the image of a mother who, as a person, tends to want to express her feelings impulsively and unfiltered and thus feels her pregnancy to be restrictive on her.

The conjunction with Saturn restraints and puts limits on this impulsive need for expression (psychotherapeutically these restraints are external factors, e.g. religious reasons/beliefs).

The image of Philip’s mother through the ruler of his MC in Taurus (Venus retrograde in Aries, in the 9th natal house) suggests that she is a woman in an unconscious inner overstimulation, which leads her to be in constant turmoil, influencing both her own psyche as well as Philip’s (psychotherapeutically this is because of the endometrial rejection, as well as the introjection of his mother’s psyche). The constant alternations of his mother’s mood, from excitement to frustration (Aries qualities) do not seem to give him stability (Taurus qualities). The instinctive reaction to outside events seems to overshadow any sense of a harmonic and balanced adult expression/behavior and this is a characteristic he gets from its mother, which does not seem to integrate smoothly with the rest of Philip’s horoscope, resulting in a tendency to withdraw (Sun in 29th degree in Pisces conjunction Chiron).

The emotions that he experienced in his endometrial life, meaning the fear of being rejected (Moon in Aries conjunction Saturn), the possibility of finishing second in his ventures (Saturn in Aries) and/or the possibility of failing to complete them (psychotherapeutically this equates to the possibility of a terminated pregnancy), as well as the stagnation experienced inside his mother’s womb, possibly make Philip angry and resentful towards those who take the risk of honestly expressing their desires (Venus in Aries conjunction Saturn) and emotions (Moon in Aries conjunction Saturn).

Any cooperation or personal relationship (psychotherapeutically this is a regression to his endometrial trauma) comes under the microscope because it seems that danger lurks everywhere (Venus / Saturn conjunction in Aries), and this is something that Philip might experience through conflict (Mars rulership of Aries Sesquisquare Venus) – (psychotherapeutically, because of his repressed hatred towards his mom, who rejected him as an embryo).


Support, viewed form a psychotherapeutic point of view, is an archetypal paternal function. <<Philip has experienced his father both as a distant figure, because his father was afraid of being emotionally manipulated by Philip as a child and as a figure with feminine action, meaning more caretaking than supportive>>.

Astrological validation of claim

 IC in Philip’s Chart is in Scorpio suggesting that with the presence of his father and under his father’s apparent external hardness -the shell of Scorpio- (psychotherapeutically this is his dad’s fear that Philip as a child will manipulate him emotionally), Philip has experienced a strong and powerful hug from him (psychotherapeutically this indicates that his dad might have been one of the reasons his mom didn’t terminate the pregnancy).

Neptune in the 4th house trine Sun in Pisces (Neptune rules the 9th house, Sun in the 9th house) suggests that there are probably deeper feelings towards his father (psychotherapeutically this means that Philip has enacted a maternal projection onto his dad, but his father’s care can’t be deep because it is a paternal care and even if it is strong it can’t replace the maternal one). Moreover, his father is a figure that seems to be idealized by Philip, although inaccessible (psychotherapeutically this means that his father does not fulfill his purpose which is paternal support).

He also seems to be a Neptunian figure as well, which suggests that he is often absent in some way or another and the Sun / Uranus opposition in his Chart strengthens the astrological pattern of his absence.

From the position of his Sun (Chart ruler) in the 29th degree in Pisces, Sun / NN conjunction, Sun / Chiron conjunction in the 9th house, Sun / Jupiter opposition (Jupiter co ruler of 9th house), we could see that Philip:

Is experiencing his father as a wounded person who has gone through difficult lessons in his life, trying to establish his identity and strength / power / substance in the world. It is possible that in the course of his life, Philip might have second thoughts about the choices he’s made, about the path he’s taken and he might take important lessons from his relationship with his father in his attempt to create a clear picture of himself and thus find the key and meaning of his own existence.

There is a side to his father, which Philip has as well, which is Jupiterian. Searching for his roots beyond the borders of his country and his need to travel can be a challenge for Philip, because unconsciously he feels that by discovering new horizons, the information and knowledge gained will help him to understand the dilemmas that arise daily in his life, to find his identity and the purpose of his life.

(From a psychotherapeutic point of view Philip feels unsupported in his life. He goes to an object in order to receive support, but the object is distant at first. Philip justifies this [because the introjected father is hurt and has gone through difficult lessons in his life] and in the process he turns the object around by expanding/magnifying, in an emotional level, his caring actions towards the object [because of his belief from his introjected father that he is a caring figure]. In the end the object does not support him but instead cares for him in a superficial way).


Emotional Pattern

Fear of death due to rejection (psychotherapeutically this is the endometrial trauma).

Strong need for care, which always leads to rejection (psychotherapeutically this is his schism).

Great desire for support, which leads to superficial care and loss of support (psychotherapeutically this is his introjected father).


Our reply according to Philip’s Astral Psychogram

From the 2019-2020 transits we have the following information:

The transit of Saturn last square in his natal position suggests that this is a very important period for Philip. Uncertainty about the future, fear and awkwardness are intensified feelings because he is confronted with dilemmas and the need to re-evaluate the direction he needs to follow from now on in his everyday life.  <Where is he going? What is the new direction he needs to follow from now on? What is he going to do?>

Chiron’s return in his natal position raises questions like “What am I going to do with this last part of my life?” and he may feel that “this is my last chance” and this is probably the reason for his question.

The business proposal he received could have been thought of as an ideal one because it is true that the transit Saturn square Saturn could signify a release from responsibilities or a change of job, expanding his creative potential.

However, at the same time frame of his life, the transit of Saturn square natal Moon and Venus mobilize his natal aspects Saturn / Moon and Saturn / Venus conjunctions, so that however ambitious he may feel that this proposition is (natal Saturn / MC conjunction), it does not seem to be the ideal one for him.

It is possible that the transit of Saturn, with Philip at its center, asks of him to come in contact with something more philosophical instead of going into new business endeavors.

With the above astrological data, we cannot give a clear answer to the effectiveness of Philip’s business undertaking, but if we combine the data with his emotional pattern we would give him the following answer:

 The business proposal, although you feel it is ideal and you think it will relieve you of your current responsibilities and dilemmas (that you can’t take any more), it is not as ideal as you believe.

If you are planning to go there and have gains without substantial labor, you will fail.

If you go there prepared to fight against many adversities (rejections and frustrations), then there is a chance to be born into a new life, which, while requiring constant responsibility, will nevertheless give you a sense of self-sufficiency.

It will surely be very difficult for you there and you will feel trapped, but if you can withstand the constant rejections and frustrations, then when you overcome them you will feel freed with adult pleasure.

Practically it is not the right move to give in now. First prove to yourself, here in your home country, that you stand up to the difficulties (rejections and frustrations) from your current associates. Whatever obstacles they put in front of you, you must stay firm and focused on your goal. If you have attained this proof in your country and then you go there (meaning new birth in a new place), you will definitely relive your period of gestation from various external events, but if you endure it (as you have endured it in your home country), and remain focused on your goal, then you might be successful there, always though through hard labor. If you do not work hard or if you can’t stand the adversities (rejections and frustrations), you will fail.